Easter holidays in zetea


You can enjoy the traditional Easter Holidays in Zetea (13-17 April 2017)

Traditional Easter program in Zetea at Olga pension (13-17 April 2017)

13 April, Thursday:

  • Arrival of the guests
  • getting acquainted with the hosts
  • three-course dinner

14 April, Friday:​

  • breakfast
  • trip to the Harghita Mădăraș Mountains or visiting the True and BANNED Brewery
  • lunch at Izvoare: fried trout with potatoes, home-made bread and garlic souce 
  • at 18 o’clock service for Good Friday and Passion play at the church in Zetea 
  • three-course dinner

15 April, Saturday:​
The guests can take part in Easter preparations.

  • bread-baking
  • we prepare ham-stuffed bread, stuffed lamb, Hungarian loaf and red eggs 
  • the Easter Bunny arrives to children

​Those who don’t wish to take part in Easter preparations can go on a trip.

  • three-course dinner

At 20 o’clock the guests can participate in the Resurrection Service and in the procession with candles.

16 April, Sunday​:
The guests can participate in the traditional Easter walk around the village and in the consecration of food.

This walk around the village on Easter Sunday represents a typical folk custom in Szeklerland. This walk has been a tradition for hundreds of years in Zetea as well. According to old people this holiday goes back to pagan times. In spring village people used to go on the fields and check the grass, mark the borders and clean the springs. During the years this custom has become a religious one – as it is an important holiday, village people went on a pilgrimage visiting crosses and chapels. Today this walk is still very popular. In each year there are hundreds of people who participate in it. People meet near Subcetate the inhabitants of this neighbouring village and they greet each other waving flags. The consecration of traditional Easter foods is also typical – lamb, red eggs, loaf and spirit. After breakfast pilgrims go back to participate in the Easter service. The pilgrims sing and wake up nature and they tell those who stayed at home that Christ is Risen! They pray to God to bless the harvest and the villagers.

  • festive Easter lunch
  • in the afternoon the guests can use the wooden bathtub and the barrel sauna 
  • dinner

17 April, Monday:

  • breakfast
  • "sprinkling"
  • guests return home

For this program can register groups of at least 20 persons! Participation fee for the whole program: 125 euro/person.​

Photo: Z. Nagy István