Tourist attractions


Tourist attractions in Szeklerland

Tourist attractions in Zetea and surrounding areas:

The locality is situated in the narrow valley of the Târnava Mare river. The following villages are administrated by Zetea: Subcetate, Izvoare, Șicasău, Deșag and Poiana Târnavei. Zetea is the center of wood cutting and woodworking. Its inhabitants have become famous for woodworking and shingle-making. One of the sayings of the Szeklers in Zetea is the following: „we are made from dust and we make a living from wood”. The first written notes regarding this locality can be found in the papal tithe records of the early 1330s.  Now the locality has a population of 5982 and 98% are Catholics.

Due to the reservoir in Subcetate situated at a distance of 6 km from the village center which has a surface area of approximately 140 hectares the villages has become known throughout the whole country. In winter people can skate on the lake and in summer they can bath in it or just go on a trip around the lake. 
It has mixed forests (59% spruce, 29% beech, 5% oak) and there can be found also junipers, cranberries, blueberries and different herbs. The woods are rich in animals (bears, stags, deer, wild boars, capercaillies, wolves, lynxes, beech-martens, foxes) and its waters are rich in fish (trouts). 
The Zete fortress situated on the top of the Deșag hill is an archaeological reservation.  The ancient village was situated north of the present village on the Csellő (Cselle) hill. When the Tatars came, its inhabitants ran from here to Kerekdomb (Round Hill) situated at the confluence of the rivers Târnava and Șicasău. According to traditional stories the Tatars ruined the village, only two mill houses have remained untouched. 
Tourist attractions: The Roman Catholic church was built between 1912-14. This is the biggest Catholic church in the area. In the tower of the church there is a Gothic ruin, a broken rosette with a diameter of 71 cm and with four semicircles in the middle. This and the Baroque altar have been brought here from the medieval church. 
Tourists are attracted by the many Szekler gates, colourful traditional costumes and Szekler cuisine. The area has many natural attractions as well: the Zete fortress, Deșag, the reservoir in Subcetate, Șicasău, Vărșag, Liban, Izvoare valley, the Harghita Mădăraș mountains, Alexandrița. 
In the neighbouring villages and in the valleys there are many holiday cottages waiting for tourists.From the village tourists can easily get to the tourists attractions in Szeklerland: Corund village famous for its crockery, the salt mine in Praid, Bear Lake in Sovata, Red Lake, Băile Tușnad (Tușnad Bath), St. Anne Lake, the Lázár castle in Lazărea, Șumuleul Ciuc and the top of the Harghita Mountains